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Date de sortie : Inconnue
Genre(s) : RPG, Stratégie
Territoire(s) : FRANCE

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Ancient Covenant's Oath

Ancient Covenant's Oath

The crimson agreement between summoner and summoned. The amorphous spirit (henceforth referred to as "XXX") and witch ("OOO") have entered this agreement based on the ancient oath between witches and spirits. 1. OOO is authorized to carry out the duties stipulated in articles 2-6, and XXX is in agreeance. 2. XXX shall perform the duties requested of OOO with their true name as collateral. 3. In return, OOO is not obligated to pay XXX in any form. 4. XXX shall bear the cost of any items required to fulfill requests. 5. This agreement shall remain strictly confidential. 6. This agreement shall remain in effect as long as XXX chooses to remain in this world. Revealing your true name will constitute as agreement, regardless of whether you accept the aforementioned articles. If you do not consent to this agreement, you must destroy this document and immediately cease interference within OOO's world.

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